What is Nature?

Lincoln Center Institute at the Museum of modern Art


Pre-Service Program (Fall ‘98)

Visual Arts Facilitator John Toth


Exploring A Work Of Art...

Creating an Elegant Lesson

Elegant Plans...... Sept. 28 1998

Howard Segan, Transformation, Game as maetaphor, Design, Rules, Fashion, Movement

Joe Proglar, Art as a view on society, alchemy, Escher, Mandalas, Islamic design, Time, creation

Peter Taubman, Art as a node for guiding learning, Desire as a motivation for learning / teaching, Light

Jay Lemke, Darwin, Composition as beauty

Phyllis, Symmetry and pattern, Economy of means, Simple / Complex, Passion of the Senses

John Toth, Teaching as art.... Learning as art

Explore the narrative aspects of a visual work of art.

Sequence an investigation that moves from simple to complex

Explore choices in representing a similar theme.

Unfold dilemma of how we learn.

External meaning... Internal meaning

Practice method of Visual Literacy. (MoMA)

Describe... Analyze... Interpret


Let the conversation at hand move you into an understanding that the conversations around an art work contain the elements of a lesson that is student centered and contextually related to the students interests.

Create an activity that comes out of the looking.          How can the activity come out of an organic need to physically explore some aspect of the art work.



Theater as contact with desire.

Human expression

Art is nodal


How do we see ourselves through nature? (PT)

How do different cultures represent nature (JT)



Art Work to Explore:

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Kerry James Marshall, "Mementos"

Albert Bierstadt, (1830-1902) "Storm in the Rockies"

"View of Brooklyn"

Pat Steir, "Everlasting Waterfall"


Museum of Modern Art

Jackson Pollock, "One, #31"  (press release)


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Thomas Hart Benton, "July Hay"


Tools ..... choices of ways to express....

                          Oct.   7

Shapes, lines and planes


Body Language






Divide into small groups and discuss as a team :

metaphors for... nature / artist / teacher


Draw something that does not have form:

Draw something that has structure:


A TREE IS......................

Draw the above metaphor


NATURE IS......................

0ct.  8








Develop a conversation around the ideas of this work







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