Prof. John Toth                     ART SUPPLY LIST

Drawing pencils

Drawing pencils come in a variety of different hardness, the  SOFTest (usually numbered 9B) to HARDest (9H). I would recommend getting a 6B, 2 B and 2H. If these numbered pencils aren’t available try any range from hard to soft. So common brand names are: Eberhard Faber, Berol, Derwent, Mars.

Color Pencils or Color Makers – the kind children use in school. ($2-3.00)


50 sheets of paper:  11”x14” – 12”x18”  

Type of paper: water color or  heavy weight drawing
Brand names: Strathmore, Stonehendge, Canson, Pearl, Grumbacher


Buy two pads , 1 drawing paper and the other watercolor.

Pearl paint sells a 15 sheet pad of Canson #1130 Watercolor Pad  11x15” for under $5.00.  Pearl Paint also sells a Heavy Weight Drawing paper (90lbs.) 25 sheets, 11x14” for $6.55

  Color Construction Paper:  9x12”

Type: Variegated colors:


2- Watercolor Brushes:

  • Type:  Round brush diameter   (about $3.00)
                Size: # 6, 8 or 10 (for painting details)
  • Type:  Flat Synthetic                  (about $3 – 4.00)
    Size:   # 12 or 14 (that’s about ”- for large areas)

Tempera Paints; 3 ounce jars; or 1oz. jars in packaged sets

Base Colors: Black & White
Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Secondary Colors: Green, Orange, Purple.

(buy at least the base and primary colors, you always mix your own secondary colors)NOTE: shake the jars to see if they are still liquid and not hardened)

Watercolor Set- the simple 8-color set that kids use. ($2.00)


1-       Pink Pearl eraser (Faber-Castle, Staedl)


Canister pencil sharpener (Dahle)


Elmers or any brand white glue.  4oz.

Misc. optional

Scissors, hole punch,  x-acto knife, compass, ruler,


USB Flash Drive / 1 gigabit or more, to store images of your artworks

Digital camera or you can use your cell phone to take snap shots to load to your Wiki.


I’m sure you can spend less than the prices above, but you get what you pay for when it comes to things like brushes and paper.  All brand names are merely suggestions.